Some Facts To Know About Breast Enhancement Implants

breast enhancementIt is common knowledge that any surgical operation is fraught with serious risks. Breast implanting is no exception. Nonetheless, there are many women who still choose this option to improve their breast. This is because this way is probably the shortest and the most effective one among all numerous options available. This is really true. The procedure takes only 1 to 2 hours; and after a short recovery period, you will for sure have the breast you have been dreaming of so much. We know that many celebrities do not conceal they have fake breasts.
Anyways, this type of surgical procedure is a very important event in a woman’s life, so you need to take into consideration some key facts prior to take your decision. Remember, that your No 1 concern should be your safety. No beauty is worth exposing your general health to risks.
So let’s take a look at some crucial facts that you should know about breast enhancement at the very early stage of considering your decision.


In general, there are two implant types which are widely used nowadays. They both have been designed to enhance and improve the shape and size of the breast by means of a surgical invasion. The first type to mention is the saline filled implants. They have silicone shells with salt water inside of it (usually, sterile). The other basic type of implants is the silicone filled implants. In this case, the silicone shells are filled with plastic gel.
The fact is that most women tend to opt for the silicone filled implants, because they provide more natural feel of breasts. However, in case of leakage, risks are much higher with them. In 1992, FDA even put into question the safety of the silicone implants. In 2006, it allowed them back to the market, though.


The surgical procedure is unquestionably the most expensive one as compared to all other breast enhancement options. If your budget is limited, you still can find out an affordable surgical procedure, because costs considerably vary among different clinics, doctors, countries, and materials used.
Nonetheless, an average price for surgical implanting is about 5000$ to 10 000$. Another drawback is that this type of procedure is not covered by your health insurance police.

The Procedure

The operation is performed after the medical examination by your surgeon. This is a proper time to tell your doctor what you would like to have in the end, so that he could draft a proper plan of the operation and the following recovery period.
The operation itself usually takes place in a specialized hospital, where you can spend some days once the procedure is completed. The operation, which commonly lasts for about two hours, implies use of anesthesia to secure pain-free experience.
First of all, the surgeon makes some little incisions under the breasts; then he places the implants inside and closes the cuts after making sure the desired form is secured.

Being aware of the given facts, you can take an informed decision.

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