Foods to Improve Penis Health

Diet is a major factor considered by most people who want to take care of their health. Many of them, however, focus on healthy weight and cardiovascular implications only. Still, it is also worth keeping in mind that certain foods can boost specific body functions too. Our body decides itself on how to dispose of nutrients we ingest. Still, it is a good idea to be aware of benefits provided by particular foods and take the information in consideration when drawing up your diet with your individual needs in mind.
Sexual performance, the quality of erections, the sperm count and a number of other measures can be affected with a diet correction method. This approach has been used for ages in many cultures. This means humanity has accumulated an immense base of knowledge about a wide range of foodstuffs and their effects in terms of male health. Nowadays, many of the benefits have been confirmed by up-to-date medical researchers. Let’s discuss some topical items which are really worth men’s attention.

  • Spinach. This herb is known to promote testosterone production. The effect is achieved due to the fact that the food is rich in folate, which boosts the blood flow. The folic acid’s importance for male sexuality is beyond any doubts nowadays. Just a cup of cooked spinach can provide the body with as much as 66% of the substance’s daily norm. The effect is further promoted by another ingredient, namely magnesium.
  • Coffee. This food item features split opinions of experts when it comes to its effect on the human body. Nevertheless, most researchers state a couple of cups per day are absolutely harmless and can effectively prevent such unpleasant condition as erectile dysfunction. This is due to caffeine, the drink’s featured ingredient. The mechanism is based on relaxing penile blood vessels thus boosting the blood flow to the organ.
  • Apple peels. Many people prefer to eat peeled apples. This is probably just because they are unaware of the health benefits this part of the fruit can deliver. Studies show that the peels, being rich in ursolic acid, can even prevent or suppress prostate cancer. Statistically, men who eat apples with peels tend to show better prostate condition.
  • Avocado. Rich in potassium, healthy fats, nutrients and a variety of vitamins, this fruit is a great source of male power. Zinc, one of the ingredients, has been proven to promote testosterone production, which in turn has a beneficial effect on male libido and the sperm quality. Vitamin E serves for the same purpose.
  • Chili peppers. As opposed to a common notion that spiced foods are detrimental to male health, studies show this kind of meal actually pushes testosterone levels beyond average values. The plant contains endorphins, aka ‘the pleasure hormone’.
  • Carrots. This vegetable boasts of an undisputable reputation of a healthy foodstuff. Still, many people don’t even suspect that carrots can improve the sperm mobility and count too. Carotenoids are the specific substance that not only gives the vegetable its featured color but also is responsible for the said benefit.

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