A Homemade Herbal Remedy for Stress

When it comes to relieving anxiety or stress, there are many available options out there. Medications, herbal supplements, physical activities etc. – it’s up to you to choose an approach. People tend to prefer what suits their lifestyle and health attitude best. In this article, let’s focus on natural bitters, or spices.
There are many herbs that have been used in traditional medicine since ages to restore the spiritual balance and prevent potential destructive effects of stressful factors. This is a 100% natural and enjoyable way to regain a composed state of mind when you are on edge. For this end, leaves, roots or flowers can be used depending on a particular plant you choose. Possessing this kind of knowledge is a valuable asset that can be obtained once and used all your life long.free herbs for stress

Natural Ingredients

Let’s discuss a healing formulation consisting of three easily available ingredients:

  • Lavender. This popular plant is prominent due to its anxiety relieving properties. It has been used since ages in the form of petals, powder or oil. Why we are going to add it to our magic formulation is because lavender can effectively improve general mood and sleep by means of relieving anxiety. This is not just a claim but a scientifically proven fact.
  • Passionflower. This herb is outstanding due to its capacity to boost GABA levels in the human brain, which, in turn, promotes relaxation. This means the plant can effectively ease general anxiety conditions while provoking much fewer risks in terms of possible side effects as compared to over-the-counter sedatives that doctors tend to prescribe.
  • Valerian root. Calming effects this herbal ingredient provides are generally similar to those described in the previous bullet. The mechanism is based on boosting brain GABA levels too. That being said, valerian root is widely used as a sleep assistance remedy.

These three ingredients are generally safe; they are tolerated quite well by most people. As such, they can be used in a wide range of topical formulations with confidence. The only contraindication you should know is that these ingredients should not be combined with benzodiazepines and antidepressants which are GABA-boosting drugs too.

The Recipe

To prepare bitters based on the above ingredients, take dried lavender (1 ounce), dried valerian root (1 teaspoon), dried passionflower (2 teaspoons), dried ginger (about ½ teaspoon) and dried orange peel (1 teaspoon). To make the infusion, you will also need a glass of alcohol (vodka).
Put all the ingredients into a jar and flood them with alcohol. Seal tightly, then put the jar into a dark, cool place. The bitters can be infused up to four weeks to reach the desired strength. During this period, shake the container on a regular basis, preferably every day. Once you believe the remedy is ready, filter the infusion using muslin cheesecloth.
Now, you have your proprietary anti-stress remedy. Make sure you store it in an airtight bottle or jar at room temperature. Use as and when necessary.

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